Dr. Munish Malik
Homoeopathic Consultant


Diseases we treat with our expertise in homoeopathy :

Acute Illnesses


Much as homeopathy approaches illness with a constitutional framework, it is equally effective in treating cases of acute illnesses and medical emergencies such as asthmatic attacks, acute abdominal pain and acute infections. Recently, homeopathy has also been used in ICUs and for treatment of injuries.

However, this is an area where we do not advocate consultation over the internet, as the patient requires constant monitoring by an expert physician and conveying symptoms to the doctor may result in a time lag and/or miscommunication. We would recommend you to consult a local homeopath for such situations.

However, we do provide homeopathic kits that can be used for day-to-day acute illnesses such as diarrhea, common cold and fever. Please reach out to us in case you would like to have a set of common medicines handy.

Please note that we will not be providing medicine dosage or prescriptions with this kit, in this case you will have to reach out to us for consultation at the time of the illness and pay separately for the same.