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Homoeopathic Consultant


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What is Depression?

Depression is a disorder that affects your thoughts, moods, feelings, behavior and physical health. People used to think it was “all in your head” and that if you really tried, you could “pull yourself out of it”. Doctors now know that depression is not a weakness, and you can’t treat it on your own. It’s a medical disorder with a biological or chemical basis.

What are the causes and symptoms of Depression?

Sometimes a stressful life event triggers depression. At other times depression seems to occur spontaneously, with no identifiable specific cause. Whatever the reason, depression is much more than grieving or a bout of the blues. Depression may occur only once in a person’s life. Often, however, it occurs as repeated episodes over a lifetime, with periods free of depression in between. Or it may be a chronic condition, requiring ongoing treatment over a lifetime. Two hallmarks of depression – symptoms key to establishing the diagnosis – are:·

  • Loss of interest in normal daily activities : You lose interest in or pleasure from activities you used to enjoy. This is called anhedonia.
  • Depressed mood : You feel sad, helpless and hopeless and may have crying spells

In addition to this, sleep disturbances, difficult thinking and concentration, significant weight loss or gain, low self esteem, decreased sexual desire, and thoughts of death maybe present. Factors that contribute to depression are stress, heredity, medications, illnesses, personality, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, and diet.

How can Homeopathy help?

Homeopathy is recognized as a very effective therapy in treating depression, grief, and anxiety. Homeopathic remedies work to restore a state of well-being without the side effects associated with conventional drug treatments. Depression is a condition that responds extremely well to homeopathic treatment as an alternative to conventional anti-depressant medications. Most patients begin to experience relief of their symptoms within the first week, followed by continuing improvement over 2 or 3 months until a state of emotional well-being has been attained and further treatment is no longer required. Detailed case histories and constitutional prescriptions are essential, as is sustained treatment for a few months.

Our approach is to look for the cause for depression, which normally due to some sudden incident like accident or death of near and dear one or a failed love, change of residence or being insulted or neglected by some one. We find the reason behind the depression and although we can not change patient’s life situation or bring back the loss he has suffered but we can treat the negativity caused by all that he has suffered. So when we treat a person not the depression, all its associated symptoms are also cured permanently.