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Homoeopathic Consultant


Diseases we treat with our expertise in homoeopathy :

Homoeopathy For Children

Homoeopathic medicines alleviate children’s problems best as they have not experienced emotional suffering and are innocent. Therefore it is easier for homoeopathic medicines to change the altered disease state to healthy vital force.

When a baby is born, he/she has come from the secure and protected confines of the mother’s womb. The baby experiences all the emotions including happiness and pain that the mother goes through during pregnancy. This is the reason some children are born with weak immunity and fall often fall sick after birth. For example, a baby born after failure of contraceptives, especially when parents had not planned pregnancy at that stage (and yet choose to continue it due to social or medical reason) result in the baby being born with a feeling of being ‘unwanted’. Such children are often born sick or with low immunity. Homeopathy is the only science which has remedies and works wonders to neutralize that feeling of being unwanted from child’s mind.

1) Low immunity resulting in frequent sickness

We have often seen that when working mother resumes office after her maternity leave is over child starts to fall sick often due to low immunity as it is lonely and missing the mother. This falling sick then becomes a compensatory mechanism of the child as it realizes that whenever he/she falls sick, the mother takes leave to attend to and care for her baby. We often notice pining children having instances of repeated cold tonsillitis, fever, vomiting etc to get their mother’s attention. Again homeopathic medicines balance this negativity. Knowing well that we can not change his/her mother‘s job or state of mind, yet we can balance the negativity caused by that lonely and neglected feeling experienced by the child and to improve his/her immunity and help them remain  healthy.

2) Behavioral Problems

We observe that at times children are very adamant or get violent when angry. When we investigate the root cause behind such behavior, it is often found that such children are facing some stressful situations at home or school. For example,  fights at home between parents or parents not being able to give enough time to children which makes them feel unwanted or scared and to over come this they become violent to protect themselves. While the homeopath cannot change their life situation he or she can definitely change the way child feels or looks at same situation by balancing the negativity.

3) Bedwetting

Bedwetting is a common problem with children and sometimes visible in children even up to the age of 12. The main reason for this is intestinal worms, many children respond to de-worming treatment. Another important cause is insecurity, due to a neglected feeling. Further, we found that the emotional stress a mother goes through during pregnancy is experienced by the child as well. If the mother cried a lot during pregnancy as she was hurt and emotional, the child also is very cranky, needs lot of consolation and demands lot of attention  If mother felt revengeful during pregnancy and experienced a lot of anger during that she could not vent, the feelings remain suppressed. As a result, the child gets angry and he becomes revengeful and violent too. Such children also wet bed for long. Again, homeopathy can balance the negativity caused during pregnancy and by carefully selecting the constitutional remedy which covers the cause and the symptoms and cure the bedwetting issue.

4) Anorexia

Anorexia or loss of appetite is another common complaint observed in children of 1 to 10 years of age. These children need to be force-fed by diverting their attention. We classify this as an attention seeking tactic employed by children to get more time with their parents by showing less of an interest in eating their meals regularly.  One might notice such children getting fussy and hyperactive in presence of guests as parents are busy with guests and they end up feeling neglected.  Fussing and getting hyperactive are tactics that will get them parental attention. While the homeopath cannot change their life situation he or she can definitely change the way child feels or looks at same situation by balancing the negativity.

5) Sibling Rivalry

Sibling rivalry is another feeling which often makes children fall sick often. Until the arrival of the new baby, the older child is accustomed to solely getting his parents attention. When the younger one needs more of the mother’s attention, the elder child stars to feel neglected and this brings down the immunity of the child and he falls sick often, gets pain in abdomen, sometimes, girls get repeated urinary infection, or skin problems. These problems can be effectively addressed by homeopathic treatment.